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What are Torenna FreeStalls?

• A cow friendly free-stall divider system made of heavy duty polymer piping
• Cows are not intimidated by Torenna FreeStalls because of their flexible and adjustable design
• Cow comfort is maximized with the installation of Torenna FreeStalls


What are the Benefits?


• Provides maximum comfort and safety
• Encourages increased resting periods
• Possible higher milk production per cow
• Flexibility to easily rise and settle
• Reduced kicking – less bedding is kicked out of the stall
• Prevents painful cow injuries

The Essentials of Resting


• Cows spend approximately 12 – 14 hours per day resting
• Cows ruminate more intensively while laying
• Saliva production increases
• Stabilization of rumen
• Reduced risk of rumen souring
• While resting 25% more blood passes the udder, increasing milk production
• The ligature and hoofs will be relieved
• Hoofs can dry up
Source: Neil Anderson, Omafra Canada DLG Merkblatt 341, Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre



• The time span between entering the bed and laying down: max. 30 seconds
• 15 – 20 resting periods per day
• 1 HOUR LONGER RESTING = 1 more Liter of Milk Per Cow Per Day

Floating Neck Rail Bracket – Patented Industrial Design
The Benefits of a floating neck rail are:


• Allows more head movement for the cow, causing less stress
• The pipe is able to move forward and backward, up and down to keep the cow in a proper position
• Does not punish larger cows
• Isolate tingle voltage
• Fewer lumps and hair loss
• Bends with cow
• Still is an index barrier
• Does not intimidate cow

“TORENNA® Freestalls are very comfortable for our cows. The floating neckrail is key. Our cows know they will not get hurt when they get up and down. When switching our steel stalls to the TORENNA® System, it became very evident that our cows prefer the TORENNA® freestalls over the steel as they would fill first. I would recommend TORENNA® freestalls to any dairy producer”

Luke Deboer, Ontario